Keerai Kadayal | Spinach with tamarind

Keerai Kadayal | Spinach with tamarind |Keerai Masiyal | Step by step procedure with pictures I have shared many spinach recipes so far and I am really happy to share another tasty and healthy recipe using greens. Today I am sharing Keerai kadayal / Keerai Masiyal recipe. This kadayal recipe has such a unique texture and flavor. Kadayal (in tamil) means mashing with the help … Continue reading Keerai Kadayal | Spinach with tamarind


ONION TAMARIND CHUTNEY  Chutney is a common everyday recipe in Indian Cuisine. Today I am sharing a Traditional Chutney recipe which lasts more than 15 days without any refrigeration.  It is really a spicy recipe. I would like to prepare this chutney whenever I am travelling. I have already shared a Tomato Thokku recipe like this. It also lasts for long time and goes with … Continue reading ONION TAMARIND CHUTNEY