SWEET SOMAS – Karchikai / Karanji

SWEET SOMAS – Karchikai / Karanji Somas is one of my favourite Snack. During the festival of Diwali we prepare many sweets. Preparing somas takes some time but it is worth of it. Somas is a deep fried recipe. It has a Crunchy outer later with sweet stuffing inside commonly called as puranam in South India. We can prepare Karam Somas also. But Sweet version … Continue reading SWEET SOMAS – Karchikai / Karanji

VAZHAKAI DEEP FRY- Raw Banana Deep Fry

VAZHAKAI DEEP FRY – Raw Banana Deep Fry Vazhakai chips is a common recipe. This vazhakai deep fry is slightly varied from the procedure of vazhakai chips. This is crunchy and tasty recipe. Adjust spice level according to your taste. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as Tea time Snack. Serve as side dish for any rice recipe. AUTHOR : Dimple             … Continue reading VAZHAKAI DEEP FRY- Raw Banana Deep Fry

POTATO BONDA – Aloo/ Urulaikizhangu Bonda

POTATO BONDA – Aloo/ Urulaikizhangu Bonda Potato Bonda is one of the common tea time snack in many house. It is also a famous street food in south india. It is easy to prepare this bonda. You can serve it as a snack for friends and relatives. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as kids snack, appertizer, tea time snack. Serve with coconut chutney. AUTHOR : Dimple … Continue reading POTATO BONDA – Aloo/ Urulaikizhangu Bonda


POTATO CHAPATI Chapati is an Indian flat bread made with wheat flour.Chapati is like daily recipe for North Indians. There are N number of chapati varieties. Potato chapati is simple and tasty recipe. Kids will love it. You can prepare it for breakfast/dinner or as a snack for evening time. The preparation is slightly vary from Aloo paratha recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve simply with … Continue reading POTATO CHAPATI – Aloo Chapati


VEGETABLE SANDWICH Sandwich is common recipe nowadays in busy world. Sandwich can be made in different varieties. This is a simple and healthy recipe which includes many vegetables. You can prepare it for evening time snack for whole family. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve As breakfast, evening snack with Ketchup. AUTHOR : Dimple                           CUISINE : … Continue reading VEGETABLE SANDWICH