SAKKARAI PONGAL – Sweet Pongal Sakkarai Pongal is a delicious sweet recipe made with rice, jaggery and moong dal. In most of the South Indain Hindu temples this sweet is served as a Prasadam / Neivedhiyam. I have already posted Ven Pongal recipe, which is a popular South Indian Breakfast. Pongal is often made during auspicious days and special occasions. Today I am using pressure cooker … Continue reading SAKKARAI PONGAL – Sweet Pongal

PEANUT SNACK – Verkadalai Sundal

PEANUT SNACK – Verkadalai / Groundnut Sundal Peanut Sundal is an easy, healthy and filling snack recipe. I have already posted Peanut Chaat, Masala Kadalai , Candied Peanuts and other peanut recipes. Today I am sharing this simple evening snack as Navratri Festival special. Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated for 9 days. Sundal is the important dish prepared during this festival. My previous post … Continue reading PEANUT SNACK – Verkadalai Sundal


CHANA / CHICKPEA SUNDAL Chickpea/Chana is a legume. This sundal recipe is quite simple and it is usually prepared during Navratri, Vinayagar chadhurthi and other festivals. This is a perfect healthy snack during any time of the day. If it is not for a festival day, you could add onions for this recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Snack. AUTHOR : Dimple            … Continue reading CHANA / CHICKPEA SUNDAL