ASHOKA HALWA | Thiruvaiyaru Halwa

ASHOKA HALWA | Thiruvaiyaru Halwa | South Indian Moong dal Halwa | Step by step procedure with pictures Ashoka Halwa is a famous sweet in Thiruvaiyaru, Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu. This is also known as Thiruvaiyaru Halwa or Pasi Paruppu(Moong dal) halwa in some places. However, North Indian Moong dal halwa recipe is slightly different from this Ashoka halwa procedure. Some of you may tasted … Continue reading ASHOKA HALWA | Thiruvaiyaru Halwa

PASI PARUPPU PAYASAM – Split Yellow Moong Dal Kheer

PASI PARUPPU PAYASAM – Split Yellow Moong Dal Kheer Payasam/Kheer is a delicious Indian Dessert. Moong dal payasam / Pasiparupu  payasam is traditionally prepared during festival seasons as prasadam / neivedyam(religious offering). It is very easy to prepare this recipe. If you are looking for other traditional dessert recipes, check here. Arisi Payasam, Suyyam, Moong dal ladoo, Basundi SERVING SUGGESTION : Dessert for parties. Prasadam … Continue reading PASI PARUPPU PAYASAM – Split Yellow Moong Dal Kheer


SPROUTED MOONG DAL/ GREEN GRAM SALAD Sprouts are one of the healthiest food. They are rich in fiber and has low calories. It is good for all ages. People suffering from diabetes should add sprouts in their regular menu. Having plain sprouts is little boring. So today I am posting tasty and healthy salad recipe using sprouted moong dal. Homemade sprouts are mush healthier than … Continue reading SPROUTED MOONG DAL SALAD

GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal

GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal/masiyal Green moong dal ( Pachai payaru in tamil ) is good source of protein and low carbs food. We can prepare various recipes using moong dal. This moong dal curry is very easy to prepare. Adding lentils to our daily food routine makes us healthy. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve with steamed white/brown rice. (Add a tsp of ghee … Continue reading GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal

MOONG DAL LADOO – Pasiparupu laddu

MOONG DAL LADOO Ladoo/Laddu is a famous and traditional Indian Sweet/Dessert. We prepare ladoo during festival seasons and for special guests. Especially as a welcome sweet for newly coming bride/ bridegroom. This Yummy Moong dal ladoo can be prepared in short time with less ingredients. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve as a snack for guests or festival sweet AUTHOR : Dimple           … Continue reading MOONG DAL LADOO – Pasiparupu laddu