BOTTLE GOURD WITH LENTILS – Sorakkai Kootu Kootu is a comon South Indian recipe made using vegetables and lentils. It is light, healthy and tasty recipe. I am preparing bottle gourd(sorakkai) kootu today. You can use other vegetables like snake gourd or chow chow also for this kootu. It goes well with Vatha kuzhambu or any other kara kuzhambu recipes. Basically we do not add … Continue reading BOTTLE GOURD WITH LENTILS – Sorakkai Kootu

DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar

DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar Sambar is very common and popular South Indian recipe which is usually served with rice, idly, dosa and vada. You can use any vegetable or combination of vegetables for this recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve with white rice. Any vegetable fry or porial will go well with this. Serve with idly, dosa or vada. If you are looking for other … Continue reading DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar


MULTI-LENTIL CREPES – Adai Dosa Lentils are small but they contains high nutritious value. This multi lentil dosa is rich in Protein and Iron content. This dosa is a good idea for making kids to have lentils. It is easy, quick and also very healthy breakfast recipe.. Just soak lentils overnight. Prepare batter and make dosa for breakfast. Serve hot with chutney. Adai is made of … Continue reading MULTI-LENTIL CREPES – Adai Dosa

BISI BELA BATH – Sambar Rice

BISI BELA BATH – Sambar Rice Bisi bela bath is a popular Karnataka dish. Bisi Bela Bhaath(in Kannada) means Hot Lentil Rice. This dish is prepared with many vegetables, rice and toor dal. This is very delicious rice dish. Try this recipe once instead of regular sambar and rice. Sure you will start preparing this often. Ingredients list looks longer. But it is easy to … Continue reading BISI BELA BATH – Sambar Rice

GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal

GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal/masiyal Green moong dal ( Pachai payaru in tamil ) is good source of protein and low carbs food. We can prepare various recipes using moong dal. This moong dal curry is very easy to prepare. Adding lentils to our daily food routine makes us healthy. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve with steamed white/brown rice. (Add a tsp of ghee … Continue reading GREEN MOONG DAL CURRY – Pachai payaru kadayal