MANGA RICE – Raw Mango Rice

MANGA RICE Raw mango dishes are always special for Tanginess. Whenever I hear about raw mango I feel like mouth-watering. Most of the pregnant ladies love raw mango recipes. Manga rice is easy and tasty lunch box recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve with papadam. AUTHOR : Dimple            CUISINE : South Indian COURSE : Main dish        YIELD : … Continue reading MANGA RICE – Raw Mango Rice

LEMON RICE – LunchBox Recipe

LEMON RICE Lemon Rice is very simple and quick variety rice. It is quite common in South India. It is easy to prepare with simple ingredients in very short time. One of the standard and preferred lunchbox recipe.   SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve it with vada, papadam, potato fry or any fried vegetable, kootu. Egg Masala also goes well with lemon rice. AUTHOR : Dimple … Continue reading LEMON RICE – LunchBox Recipe