Spinach Cheese Sandwich

Spinach Cheese Sandwich | Quick Breakfast | Step by step procedure with pictures Sandwiches are really simple and quick fix for lazy/hectic mornings. Sandwich is the first thing in my mind, when I wake up late. Because you can easily mix and match ingredients in your fridge / pantry and make a delicious breakfast. For instant spread I use my Flax seed powder which is … Continue reading Spinach Cheese Sandwich

Keerai Kadayal | Spinach with tamarind

Keerai Kadayal | Spinach with tamarind |Keerai Masiyal | Step by step procedure with pictures I have shared many spinach recipes so far and I am really happy to share another tasty and healthy recipe using greens. Today I am sharing Keerai kadayal / Keerai Masiyal recipe. This kadayal recipe has such a unique texture and flavor. Kadayal (in tamil) means mashing with the help … Continue reading Keerai Kadayal | Spinach with tamarind

SPINACH BIRYANI – Keerai Biryani

SPINACH BIRYANI – Keerai Biryani Do you need a quick, tasty and healthy lunch box recipe during busy mornings? This Spinach Biryani recipe will help you. Years ago, I read this recipe in a weekly magazine during train travel and I barely remember the recipe. I tried it once and it was amazing. I use to prepare this often nowadays. It has less spices when … Continue reading SPINACH BIRYANI – Keerai Biryani

KEERAI KOOTU – Spinach Kootu

KEERAI KOOTU Spinach / Keerai is very healthy food for all ages. Cooking spinach at least twice a week is advisable. I am using spinach for today’s recipe. You can use any keerai variety(ariai keerai, mulai keerai, thandu keerai) with this method. SERVING SUGGESTION : Simply serve hot with steamed white rice. Apalam / papadam will be good combination. Serve as side dish with vatha … Continue reading KEERAI KOOTU – Spinach Kootu