FLAX SEED PODI – Flax Seed Chutney Powder

FLAX SEED PODI – Flax Seed Chutney Powder Flax seeds(Aali Vidhai in tamil) are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids and loaded with Vitamin B1. These are considered as one of the healthy foods all over the world. You can add flax seeds to Smoothies, Salads, Pasta and many food recipes. Today I am sharing South Indian dry chutney powder recipe which can … Continue reading FLAX SEED PODI – Flax Seed Chutney Powder


PEANUT / GROUNDNUT CHUTNEY Chutney is a creamy side dish that is served with idly, dosa varieties or many Indian breakfast recipe. Peanut(Groundnut) chutney is slightly tangy, spicy and nutty in taste. You can prepare this chutney with coconut or without coconut. Both tastes delicious. Today I am posting the chutney with coconut version. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve with Idly, Dosa, Kichadi or Vada. AUTHOR … Continue reading PEANUT / GROUNDNUT CHUTNEY

DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar

DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar Sambar is very common and popular South Indian recipe which is usually served with rice, idly, dosa and vada. You can use any vegetable or combination of vegetables for this recipe. SERVING SUGGESTION : Serve with white rice. Any vegetable fry or porial will go well with this. Serve with idly, dosa or vada. If you are looking for other … Continue reading DRUMSTICK SAMBAR – Murungakkai Sambar

TOMATO KURUMA – Thakali Kurma

TOMATO KURUMA  Kuruma is one of the common South Indian recipe. Coconut is the main ingredient for any kuruma. This tomato kuruma recipe is one of the easy recipe you can prepare in very short time. SERVING SUGGESTION : Side dish for Idly, Dosa, Idiyappam, Aapam, Chapathi. AUTHOR : Dimple                   CUISINE : South Indian COURSE : Side … Continue reading TOMATO KURUMA – Thakali Kurma

TOMATO THOKKU – Spicy and Tangy

TOMATO THOKKU – Thakkali Thokku / Thakkali Urugai Thokku is one of the traditional recipes in Tamil Nadu.It can be used as pickle with curd rice, as side dish with chapathi and as a spread with bread even with idly and dosa it tastes very good. You can store this upto 2 months if it is cooked and preserved properly. I prefer this recipe for travel. … Continue reading TOMATO THOKKU – Spicy and Tangy

COCONUT CHUTNEY -Idly/Dosa side dish

COCONUT CHUTNEY Chutney is one of daily cooking recipe in South India. Coconut chutney is one of the easiest among all. SERVING SUGGESTION : Side dish for Idly, Dosa, Uthapam, Kichadi, Paniyaram, Upma. AUTHOR : Dimple          CUISINE : South Indian COURSE : Side dish        YIELD :2-3 serving INGREDIENTS : For Grinding: Coconut – 1/2 Cup (grated) Green chilli … Continue reading COCONUT CHUTNEY -Idly/Dosa side dish