GHEE|Homemade Ghee using Butter

GHEE|Homemade Ghee using Butter |Step by step pictures with Procedure Ghee is widely used in Indian Cooking. Ghee is popular for its high-smoke point and longer shelf life even in room temperature. Ghee is a kind of good fat, and also has an unique flavor and taste. Ghee is prepared by heating unsalted butter, until all the milk solid separates and stick to the bottom … Continue reading GHEE|Homemade Ghee using Butter

BADAM MILK using Homemade Badam Powder – Almond Milk

BADAM MILK using Homemade Badam Powder – Almond Milk Badam / Almond has various health benefits and it is suggested to intake some almonds in our daily routine. Personally, I love almond recipes. Badam Halwa is my favorite sweet of all. Badam Milk is a delicious drink which you could serve warm or cold. Today, I am sharing a Homemade Badam milk powder recipe. You … Continue reading BADAM MILK using Homemade Badam Powder – Almond Milk


VEGETABLE SOUP Homemade vegetable soup is completely delicious and super simple recipe. This soup can be prepared using vegetables of your choice and some corn flour. Corn flour acts as a thickening agent. Try to use fresh vegetables to make this soup tasty and healthy option. Try different combination of vegetables for this soup. Do try other soup recipes : Creamy Mushroom Soup, Cabbage Soup … Continue reading VEGETABLE SOUP


SPROUTED MOONG DAL/ GREEN GRAM SALAD Sprouts are one of the healthiest food. They are rich in fiber and has low calories. It is good for all ages. People suffering from diabetes should add sprouts in their regular menu. Having plain sprouts is little boring. So today I am posting tasty and healthy salad recipe using sprouted moong dal. Homemade sprouts are mush healthier than … Continue reading SPROUTED MOONG DAL SALAD