Beans Parupu Usili | Beans with Dal

Beans Parupu Usili | Beans with Dal | Step By Step Procedure with Pictures Paruppu Usili is a traditional Tamil recipe which is popular among Brahmin Community. Cluster beans (Kothavarangai) and Beans are commonly used vegetables in this Usili. Today I am sharing Beans Usili. Beans cooked along with toor dal or channa dal or combination of both. You can cook the dal in two … Continue reading Beans Parupu Usili | Beans with Dal


CABBAGE CURRY – CABBAGE WITH DAL Cabbage (Muttaikose) Curry recipe is quite different recipe from other curries. This is more over like a sambar without tamarind. This recipe is a good alternative from regular sambar or dal recipe. It tastes good with chapati as well as cooked rice. Papad or vathal is enough for the side dish. You can make it thin and have it … Continue reading CABBAGE CURRY – CABBAGE WITH DAL

KEERAI KOOTU – Spinach Kootu

KEERAI KOOTU Spinach / Keerai is very healthy food for all ages. Cooking spinach at least twice a week is advisable. I am using spinach for today’s recipe. You can use any keerai variety(ariai keerai, mulai keerai, thandu keerai) with this method. SERVING SUGGESTION : Simply serve hot with steamed white rice. Apalam / papadam will be good combination. Serve as side dish with vatha … Continue reading KEERAI KOOTU – Spinach Kootu