Kala Chana Chaat|Black Chickpea Chaat

Kala Chana Chaat|Black Chickpea Nutritious Salad|Step by step procedure with pictures Salads are quite simple and also very nutritious. Sometimes salads may be boring and there comes this chaat. In every spoon of this chaat you will taste, spicy and tangy feel which you can’t write in words. Add flavors of your choice to make it more likable food. Adjust the quantity of veges and spices … Continue reading Kala Chana Chaat|Black Chickpea Chaat


SPROUTED MOONG DAL/ GREEN GRAM SALAD Sprouts are one of the healthiest food. They are rich in fiber and has low calories. It is good for all ages. People suffering from diabetes should add sprouts in their regular menu. Having plain sprouts is little boring. So today I am posting tasty and healthy salad recipe using sprouted moong dal. Homemade sprouts are mush healthier than … Continue reading SPROUTED MOONG DAL SALAD