GHEE|Homemade Ghee using Butter

GHEE|Homemade Ghee using Butter |Step by step pictures with Procedure Ghee is widely used in Indian Cooking. Ghee is popular for its high-smoke point and longer shelf life even in room temperature. Ghee is a kind of good fat, and also has an unique flavor and taste. Ghee is prepared by heating unsalted butter, until all the milk solid separates and stick to the bottom … Continue reading GHEE|Homemade Ghee using Butter


FRIED ONION – Biryani Onions / Brown Onions Fried onions are widely used for dum biryani and some curry recipes. It gives a very good flavor and taste to biryani. Fried onions/brown onions are available in stores. But they are simple and easy to prepare at home. The colour of the onion is very much important in this recipe. AUTHOR : Dimple         … Continue reading FRIED ONIONS – BIRYANI ONIONS


COOKING BASMATI RICE Basmati rice is a long rice used for biryani and pulao recipes. Cooking this rice in right consistency is very important for any recipe. When you buy basmati rice, choose long thin rice. When you cook basmati rice using pressure cooker, it will slightly sticky. So cooking basmati rice in pot is always preferable. If you are not familiar with basmati rice … Continue reading COOKING BASMATI RICE