Spinach Cheese Sandwich

Spinach Cheese Sandwich | Quick Breakfast | Step by step procedure with pictures

Sandwiches are really simple and quick fix for lazy/hectic mornings. Sandwich is the first thing in my mind, when I wake up late. Because you can easily mix and match ingredients in your fridge / pantry and make a delicious breakfast. For instant spread I use my Flax seed powder which is a healthy option too. You can use any sauce / chutney of your choice.


I not not a big fan of sandwiches from restaurant. Personally I feel they are plain like salad. When I started making sandwiches at home, I played around the ingredients and tried many combination. Finally I started liking sandwiches.


Recently I bought a Panini maker which makes this sandwich process much more easier for me. Today I am sharing spinach sandwich with cheese, onions and tomatoes. You can try the same or alter the ingredients as you like. I like to use sliced cheese which perfectly fits while layering the sandwich.



  • Lunch / Breakfast

AUTHOR : Dimple                                                  YIELD : 2 sandwiches


  • Bread slices (any) – 4
  • Spinach , onion , tomato – as needed
  • Cheese – 4 slices
  • Salt and pepper – as needed
  • Butter – little for bread
  • Flax seed powder (opt)
  • Green chutney (opt)


  • Make sure your spinach is washed and dried.


  1. Slightly butter the bread slices.
  2. Apply spreads on each bread(only 1 side). I am using Jalapeno chutney and flax seed powder for spreading.
  3. Layer with sliced onions. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Place the cheese slice.
  5. Layer with spinach(little or lot as you prefer)
  6. Season with salt and pepper. Add tomatoes.
  7. Cover with other bread.
  8. Carefully place it over the hot tawa and cook until golden brown. Press with a spatula. Flip it carefully and cook until cheese melts. Remove it from pan.
  9. If using panini maker, Place in the preheated panini maker(Follow instructions given in the panini maker)


  • Use cheese of your choice. Add flavoring as you wish.
  • You could add garlic salt.

Do try this recipe at home and let me know how it turned out for you. Share your comments down below in the comment section.

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Step by Step Procedure with pictures :

SpinachCheeseSandwich (2)SpinachCheeseSandwich (3)SpinachCheeseSandwich (1)SpinachCheeseSandwich (4)SpinachCheeseSandwich (11)SpinachCheeseSandwich (5)SpinachCheeseSandwich (12)SpinachCheeseSandwich (10)



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