RAGI ADAI WITH DRUMSTICK LEAVES – Kezhvaragu(Finger Millet)Adai

RAGI ADAI WITH DRUMSTICK LEAVES – Kezhvaragu (Finger Millet) Adai

Millet foods are healthy and nutritious. I have already shared Ragi Puttu and Ragi Semiya recipe. Finger Millet also known as Ragi / Kezhvaragu is best when cooked along with drumstick leaves. Today I am sharing an easy and tasty adai recipe.


I am using store bought ragi flour. You can use home made ragi flour or you can soak and grind whole ragi for the best taste. Also I am showing you how to prepare adai. You can dilute the dough as batter and prepare dosa with this recipe. Have this for breakfast along with simple chutney of your choice and feel full till noon.

Click here for Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swOHmG8IVHM 


AUTHOR : Dimple                           CUISINE : South Indian
COURSE : Breakfast                        YIELD : 4 Adai


  • Oil – 1 Tbsp + 4 Tbsp(for cooking adai)
  • Mustard seeds – 1 Tsp
  • Urad dal – 1 Tsp
  • Channa dal – 1 Tsp
  • Red chilli – 2 or 3
  • Onion – 1
  • Drumstick leaves – 1 or 1.5 cup
  • Ragi flour – 1 cup
  • Salt – as needed
  • Water – as needed


  1. Finely chop onion.
  2. Wash and Keep the drumstick leaves ready.


  1. Heat a kadai or pan. Add oil.
  2. When it is hot add Mustard seeds. When it starts to splutter add urad dal and channa dal.
  3. Saute until golden brown. Add red chillies. Saute for few seconds.
  4. Add onions and little salt. Cook until onions are soft.
  5. Add drumstick leaves. Cook for 3-4 min and turn off the heat.
  6. In a large bowl add ragi flour and little salt. (remember we have added salt while cooking onions)
  7. Add the cooked drumstick leaves mix to this flour.
  8. Add water little by little and prepare a soft dough like consistency.
  9. Split it into medium sized balls. (1 cup flour gives 4 balls)
  10. *Use a parchment sheet / Butter paper or plastic sheet. Place one dough ball and gently press it with fingers.
  11. Dip your fingers in water for making it more easily. Do not make it more thin because adai will have a thick layer.
  12. Heat a tawa / griddle. Sprinkle some oil and place the adai.
  13. Add some oil on the top and let it cook for 1 or 2 min or as needed.
  14. Flip it and cook on other side as the same. Transfer to a plate and serve hot.


  • If your dough is watery then you can add little more ragi flour as needed.
  • You can add more water and dilute it like a batter and make dosa.
  • *If you are using a parchment sheet or butter paper no need to grease it with oil. Also you can easily flip the sheet with adai on the hot tawa.
  • *If you are using a plastic sheet grease with oil before placing the dough ball. Also take the adai carefully in hand and then place it on a hot tawa. If you flip it along with the plastic sheet, sometime when it get touched with the hot tawa it will start to melt and stick to the tawa. So be cautious.

Do try this recipe at home and let me know how it turned out for you. Share your comments down below in the comment section.

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Step by Step Procedure with pictures :




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