Reusing Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps Art / Home Decor using Bottle Caps

During my 3rd grade, I had a competition in our school titled Wealth out of Waste. At that time I created a Flower and Butterfly  using Pencil Waste and I won the price. That was completely my sister’s idea. Thank you sissy for that good inspiration. Since then, I use to save reusable waste materials and try to create a good and usable product. This is one of them.

20170607_182747 (2)


Bottle caps either plastic or metal can be reused in a number of ways. While trashing the empty bottles, just save the caps separately. I know whats on your mind. Yes, It will take months to collect enough caps. But the outcome is worth as well.

20170607_201003 (1)

I stored these caps for an year without any idea about what am I gonna do with these. There are plenty of ideas on the Internet. One day I sat down with all caps and tried various creations. Finally I got what I needed.

20170607_182747 (1)

Even today I am storing bottle caps. I will come out with another useful creation soon.

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